Poems by Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole

Poems by Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole
The believability and unbelievability are running in us
Compelling to capture the deep memories of you and us
An appointed time has chipped your life into the land of lack
And an appointed time has apparently taken you back.
You were bad person and you were good person, believably
Your demise has launched a journey of hell and heaven perfectly
Those are an earthly speculations always say encouragingly
But our prayers will keep your spirituality everlastingly
Your demise, in us is leading our tears with painful verse
Everyone is going to miss you completely in this universe
And everything will remember us forever, in DNA nature
And we’ll pray for you, till your soul see the precious light than a treasure.
We really hate you, You’re a perilous disease
You’re profoundly setting a afflictive promise
So far hundreds of people have been deaded
And thousands of people have been infected.
A millions of cash is spending because of you
All people round the world is truly afraid of you
With you, the people are holding a negativism
You are bringing among us a reward of racism.
Indeed, we’re dying and afflicting fro this virus
A virus of kidnapping all our tranquil happiness
Please, God as a true healer do not abandon us
Send your powerful power to dispel this illness.
I’ve got now an assimilation from anti-war anthology & novel
The brave men and women wrote it from their level
About the theme of love, peace, harmony and humanity
As the weapons against the war,racialism and inhumanity.
The genuine novel of having powerful encouragement
Dispelling the deepest and purest spirit of cowardliness
Demolishing every action in the vessels of conforntment
Burying all the truest emotions of timorousness.
This anti-war anthology & novel is deeply showing a freedom
That certainly teaching us about the benevolence
The benevolence of detesting actions of selfdom
But rescuing many people into their complacence.
Anthology & novel of anti-war is unclutching the eyes of futurity
Letting the placid dream of togetherness become reality
For greatly keeping the world without any afflictions
And for overtly quelling the spirit of warring decisions.

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