Poems by Leonard Dabydeen

Poems by Leonard Dabydeen
If you were to find
everlasting love
what would you do with it?
As an after-thought
would you prefer
to hang it over your head board
in a master bedroom?
Or in your saffron-coloured mansion?
Or watch Love
like a musical theatrical drama
on video, on you-tube
listening to an eclectic raconteur
rambling about its journey
without distance?
Maybe, everlasting love
is mystical, or magical
full of tingling purity
of peace and happiness
reciprocal between
wriggling sorrow
and illimitable joy
shaking hands with Penelope
like night caressing day
ocean kissing shoreline in harmony
child wrapped in comfort
in mother’s womb
with two hearts pulsating
in tandem between heaven and earth
without boundaries
beyond passage of Time
tell me
what would you do with it?
Like an incense burning
sitting on a pedestal
made from heaven; or earth
or in between
this mind evokes
a spirited journey
travelling in a swirl
going distant places
with digital intensity
of a time not so long ago
when people shuttle
with propensity
gulping nuances of technology
future shock and all
in political fraternity
or fractured animosity
weathering hopes and dreams
vaulting opportunities
all in an effort
for a beautiful
gratifying tomorrow.

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