Michele Baron (USA)

Michele Baron (USA)

Michele Baron is a world traveler, Fulbright Scholar, author and visual/performance artist. Seeker of knowledge, itinerant developer of outreach projects for sustainable living, she also regularly works with artists and creatives, colleagues and students in many countries. Ms. Baron prefers sensible shoes to heels, and tends to focus on themes of travel and discovery, inclusion and alienation, intercultural and interpersonal relations, and the interdependence between species of life on this Earth we share.

Besides poetry, her works of fiction, non-fiction, drama, visual and musical art have appeared in performance spaces, publications and anthologies around the world. Sometimes she receives recognition, such as “International Ambassador of the Word” and “Ambassador of the Spanish Word” from the Egido Delgado Serrano Foundation, and Citations for Contributions in Art, Music, Letters, or Service from various nations.



this is where it began,
a window, a table,
a chair,
stopping, looking,
haloed in possibilities
cocooned in the safety of ambient noise,
and drunk with the potential of hope
the moment
between turning away
and taking an eternity
to savor a gaze
a blink
and, heartbreakingly sweet,
the simplicity of a smile



this is a world of the casual delete
lines for liquid stimulants sweetened with burnt caramel
covered in non-fat froth where some stranger’s hand
traced a multi-toned heart invitingly
… chiaroscuro in the foam
… quickly disappearing …
and working from home includes scoping,
at the local watering-hole,
coffee-courage and chai dreams,
enthroned, resplendent, at laminated tables
upon lacquered chairs
wielding unlimited WiFi connectivity,
… where available

babies clutching hand-held electronic nannies,
linked to a world of tireless algorithms
… dancing with their tiny fingertips
while those with more years, more tears,
more hopes, more fears
sit, and sip, and sift and flip through screens
firewalls and search-engines, friending, unfriending …
piquing desires, waxing eloquent with anonymity

consequences turned optional, with the flick of a menu
— and prompting the numbering of steps
unendingly counted,
between keyboard and safe-keeping
over-the-counter OCD ordering available, 24 / 7
shades of separation
distances to deliverance

pity … not to recognize

what’s at stake

not knowing, and un-knowing
collateral damage of the illusory glamor
of feeling privileged, special
because of what might be purchased
in a world on fire



glue on an envelope tossed to the beyond
in a time-locked, snail-mail world of dead-letter offices
and hopes long deferred

love letters, letters to Santa,
messages in a bottle,
or burned to glowing ash
diatribes set to paper,
sent to editors, Dear Sirs, to-whom-it-may-concerns,
or others …
sentiments and hopes and dreams
… testament to apologetics accompanied by explanations,
last wishes
reaching between what might have been
and memories of what was

the physics of sun,
and crystals of sand and sense
sparkling, seemingly untouched by the ravages of time
yet hoarding, holding, bursting with
so much history
barely evolved

proudly proclaiming
our worth, in vocabularies
truly estimable

while we flail about,
for such a short,
often violent time …
at a loss,
and so terribly lost,
despite all of our effulgent
worlds of words

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