You would be loved / Poem by Dr. Gita Mohanty

Poem by Dr. Gita Mohanty


You would be loved

You would be loved,
No matter what,
Stay assured, till my last
I wouldn’t ask for the reciprocation,
Even I don’t need the appreciation,
I got enough of motivation,
Don’t worry I have learnt walking ahead of the emotions,

You would be loved,
Besides your good and bad,
Whoever entered in my life’s circle,
All would be welcomed, with my whole heart,
No doubt about that,

You may be here,
In my life’s sphere,
To estimate me my dear,
To evaluate how much I can endure,
Or to judge me severe,
Never mind my dear,
No matter what,
You would be loved per sure,

I would never see your intentions,
I wouldn’t seek any justification,
I wouldn’t check your foundation,
Because you are in my lif’s sphere,
Automatically you would be loved, with my honest emotions,

Knowing or unknowingly even if you hurt,
Please don’t worry about that,
I would dissolve,
Each molecule of those,
I have a strong buffer,
To take care of all about my suffer,
You would find me every time, as before,
You would be loved
No matter what,
Stay assured till my last.

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