Poems by Lilian Woo

Poems by Lilian Woo



The moon is sweetly gleaming
It gives a romantic feeling
Brighten up the breezy night
Leaves are sparkling in the light
Buds are sprouting from the twigs
When dawn breaks, birds tweet.



The wind is blowing the flowery fragrance
I breathe in the fresh essence
Early morn is calm and peaceful
Soothing the mind, so wonderful

Above the cool, breezy hill
I bask in the magnificent view
Enjoy the breeze with a kiss
Moments of solitude are a bliss

The sun is beaming with rays of light
Offering a pleasant day so bright
Birds tweeting above the blue sky
Singing and dancing as they fly

The jubilant colours of the flowers
Attract butterflies, and bees buzzing
Sipping nectar in between the petals
With their wings gracefully flitting

Listen to the music of the rivers
Flowing swiftly in meanders
Meeting at the mighty ocean
The water moves in great currents.



Today is a new pleasant day
Although time seems to fly away
Momentous memories will always stay
Sweet loving words we love to say

Today is a beautiful day
Dawn breaks with crimson rays
Enchanting colours display
The splendour of beauty everyday

Today is a blissful day
Better than yesterday
Let the music play
Enjoy the dance and sway

Today is a glorious day
It brings happiness someway
Be creative in your own way
Seize opportunity without delay

Today add hues to your day
For peace and solace, we pray
With sweet hymns at bay
All anxieties could set allay.

©Lilian Woo
All Copyrights Reserved

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