PEACE GROWS EVERYWHERE / Poem by Roula Pollard

Poem by Roula Pollard



I plant love seeds, sunflowers,
orange trees in my garden.
I plant seeds of compassion,
peace in my heart.
I plant seeds of happiness
in countless fields.
I plant seeds of togetherness
between people. Bridges
I plant.

I plant seeds of friendship
on continents, among nations,
seeds of human understanding.
I plant seeds of sincere smiles
to sing fresh mornings of love,
to increase days, happy years,
seasons of fruitful centuries.
We plant biological love seeds
in the desert years
of the past.

We plant on the plains, brotherhood
and sisterhood of the heart.
I plant in the Mediterranean lake
miracle seeds for nurturing
all continents of friendship.
I plant in nuclear power stations
my good will
to exchange their toxicity
with alternative energy
for humanity.

We plant prayers, high
on the mountains,
in lakes and rivers,
in oceans, to seed
Night and day
I plant flowers
from my heart
to your heart.
Days with blessings
and goodness I plant.
Light to grow
in our hearts
with Love.

© Roula Pollard

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