Poems by Lăcrimioara Iva 


Poems by Lăcrimioara Iva 


Thinking Reed
Although I cut
the left ear lobe
of a thought,
I did not manage to paint,
such as Van Gogh,
wheat crops
or potato eaters,
not even
a sunflower.
My thoughts are suffering
from dromomania:
they hide so well
that sometimes even I
can not find them.
Balzac’s thoughts
you’ve found
hidden in the Human Comedy.
Montesquieu left
on the tiles of his room
his footsteps.
My thoughts too,
being agitated,
have left traces on the tiles
of my heart,
but the spirit of the law
belongs to him,
not to me.
Like Mozart,
I am haunted by ghosts,
but none
of my ghosts
does not force me
to compose
my own funeral requiem.
Guy de Maupassant described
his auditory hallucinations
in the novel “On the River”,
his visions in “The Horla”.
I can not make it
to describe my
hallucinations and visions.
Because Maupassant
Has seen his “double”
while I
have not yet seen
my double?
As you can see,
although my thoughts
have a grain of madness,
I am not
a genius.
It could be worse:
someone to steal my
thoughts, for example.
I would be only a reed.
Now, even though I’m not a genius,
At least I think.
Happiness Comes from Within 9 august 2020
The rich man carries
the burden of money.
The poor man carries
the burden of worries.
Being rich
does not mean being happy.
Being poor
does not mean being unhappy.
I met beautiful people,
they were unhappy.
I also met people
less beautiful,
and they were happy.
Being old
does not mean being wise,
I also met wise young people.
Being wise
does not mean being happy.
I also met people
less wise,
but happy.
When you love it does not mean
you’re happy:
we could drown
in the tears of lovers.
Indeed, happiness
comes from within.
Let it irrupt!
Rich, poor, beautiful,
less beautiful,
old, young,
wise, less wise,
we have all received life
as a gift.
Let’d live it with triple intensity,
being happy!
On the Next Birth…
I had
many rainy days,
the sun also bathed me,
the wind also swung me!
I was snowed,
I was frozen,
and maybe a thing of wonder,
but I still resist!
I am an adaptable plant,
I am firmly rooted
in the ground
and I can see the length of my branches.
When I bloom
I give my fragrance to everybody
I don’t want anything in return.
Although I was not born a plant,
I became one!
I know, on the next birth,
I will like to become a woman,
but I prefer to forget
and remember then!



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