Poems by Eliana Vanessa

Poems by Eliana Vanessa
conscious alchemy
now unto
the decree of reckoning,
where unity bears fruit
harnessed in solitude,
for the greater good,
ego replacing itself
through countless
empowered energies,
as the spirit,
worthy of expansion,
knows no one truth
but rather marvels
when caught in invisible light–
the rubrics of nature,
deeming planes of wonder
and their growth-ensuring formulae,
psychically programmed
and preserved,
for quality over quantity,
in newly elected
soul to soul transmissions.
butterfly wing
and red thread,
has been
burned to the ground,
because plague, yes,
so many witches
asking when and where–
the prophecies,
your awful laughter,
Edgar Allan Poe insinuation,
and my proclivity for paper,
only grows us longer, more beautiful,
in shadows,
of course i will find more things
to burn,
and i won’t leave night
nor the cemetery untidy,
but neither will be spared,
as our names, centered,
in each ember
will honor what has been configured,
under the full moon,
whose blues
douse desire in kerosene,
so that the eyes of heaven
might better see
the unseen.
some specifics
the Nature
of the skeleton
is daylight
swallowing night
but i’m gonna
turn off the mic
it’s blurring the lines
between love and hate,
better to wait
on the side of the road for it–
the whore
and the discounted god.

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