Poems by Tyran Prizren Spahiu

you, the ERUDITE
…world’s best creatures
it is not too late
time has not expired
express love, soften irritated feelings
cure hate, jealousy, anger
oh yeah, you can
also heal the devilish beast in you
do, sow flower of peace, innocence, loyalty
do not forget red roses of love
verses of kindness
behavioral education
knowledge, gift
embodiment of joyful hug my dear fellows.
life’s fruit of the beautiful nature
offer your hand to the needy
hold the elderly
you will be followed by youth
age of wrinkles will be satisfied
goodness planted seed will recall
one day we will be tested by tides and downs
me, you too, will say goodbye to the breathe.
Early spring in my fortress
allows me to enjoy as the bee nectar
smiling, nature looks at us delightful
hailing great creatures.
From the open window ecstasy enters
enriching fiery feelings
hands require sensitive parts
wildly swim in bodily waterfalls.
Fire, lusts of yearn cry
the most perfect melody of the soft female
groans are dancing in the room
libido covets the ecstasy.
Kissing is requiring wet lips
air is trembling, lacking breath
among the fever of the unseen
we give up to the sounds of unsightly thirst.
The outcry, anxiety is covered
passion passes through the troubled ocean
under the heat of melting
to the new born day bodies again require dance of lust.
… traveling through quiet time,
daily routine, enjoying modesty,
nothing happens, time has bypassed me,
weaving in dreams, I do not ask much in this life.
You came like lightning, brought blazes,
crushed my feelings, threw me in pleasure,
got me confused, I entered magic world,
feeling first love sparks.
Still under emotions, suddenly you left that night,
in warm bed, made me with future,
just like bubbles early spring snow,
gone without a trace, ahhh my poor fate.
Years have passed, memories are fresh,
trying to explain it to our beautiful daughter,
happened at the beginning of summer,
you left in spring, without a final farewell….
Today, our beautiful princess,
overloaded me, I noticed a tear on her eye,
turned sideways, her shivering body terrifies me,
crying ”Let he go to hell” permanently repeats…

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