Slavka Bozovic (Montenegro)

Slavka Bozovic (Montenegro)
Slavka Bozovic was born in Niksic – Montenegro, where she lives, works and creates. She graduated from the School of Economics, and since childhood she has enjoyed beautiful creations as a member of various recitation and acting sections. He has been involved in poetry since his early youth.
He is a devotee of love and good people and deeds.
He is a member of a number of domestic and foreign literary associations and communities.
Her works have been presented in over two hundred regional, European and world anthologies and have been translated into several world languages.
Also, her poetry has a significant participation in electronic magazines, domestic and foreign sites, as well as on radio frequencies, where they gladly listen to it on all meridians.
She has also won numerous high awards and recognitions from various international festivals.
She was awarded a bronze medal for 2020 by the President of the World Union of Literature, Silvano Bortolazzi, for her contribution to poetry. At the international level, she won the “Special Award” four times.
“Suitcase souls”
“Spark in the eye”
Slavka, was proclaimed the ambassador of peace for Montenegro by the World Institute and the Federation based in New Delhi, and she is the winner of the prestigious award “Icons of Peace” and “Golden Membership Card”. She received the title of Doctor of Literature from the World Forum for Culture and Literature.
From the Indian Academy of Sciences and Arts, she enjoys the title of “Icon of World Poetry”.
He is also an academician of the Brazilian Academy.
Out of range . . .
In me there is one place
Where I live I am absolutely alone
The heavenly throne is rocking me
When darkness reigns in the vault.
Then the butterflies whisper softly
Happiness waves in the body
Emotions flutter in flocks
Like swallows in the middle of spring.
I love this holy place
This is where the source of empathy flows
I cautiously protect the spiritual throne
From sudden rain and thunder.
I walk the fields of dreams elegantly
I lay the birds on my chest
Poetry comes from the heart
Sunny, in God’s eyes.
That hidden place in me
It has impassable passages
And the taste of the blue sea when it foams
Only special souls can,
to visit him.
Whisper of rain …
I love when the rain rustles,
her whisper touches me,
the storm disappears in the soul,
that beautiful feeling hugs me.
I love that game of romance,
the restlessness in me calms down,
the wind flips through the pictures,
the stream of love from my heart springs.
Then the wings of longing carry me,
through the auras of loved ones,
I float between the drops of memory,
emotions sway on the eyelids.
I’m fascinated by the magical whisper of the rain,
fountains in the veins overflow,
the soul turns into a violin,
well, the charms of the symphony do not cease.
Do not ask …
If unrest touches you tonight
and the heart trembles with pain
know that one star is dying
on the horizon as you kneel.
And don’t ask her anything tonight
on the slopes of sorrow while silent
tears heal the souls of the hearth,
that no one knows or doubts it.
She used to be very happy
she shone in her beauty
tender knees were bleeding
abruptly when she fell.
And don’t ask her why she fell
and why it no longer shines on anyone
with ashes her love united
from the hearth does not grow an shoot.
Do not ask . . .
© Slavka Bozovic

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