Warmth / Poem by Pushmaotee Subrun

Poem by Pushmaotee Subrun
The individual who has warmth
Has multiple virtues embedded in the heart,
Ready to flow unconditionally to others,
Thawing icicles, raining love in parched hearts,
Melting even a Machiavellian’s manoeuvres.
Warmth is welcomed like an oasis in Sahara Desert.
If warmth could move Shylock the hard hearted,
It is certainly the source of well being
Of generosity, of humanity.
With much forgiveness and amiability.
With warmth in the hearth abundantly,
Everyone is wrapped warmly,
Inviting confidence and safety,
To make a happy family,
With promise of better citizens of tomorrow
Ultimately a healthier nation, with less sorrow.
©Pushmaotee Subrun

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