Poems by Ade Caparas

Poems by Ade Caparas
“wealth power fame
is Beauty is politics “
beauty destroys
it is a state of dizziness
an engulfment in appearance
overshadows the fact of value:
the value of goodness…
the goodness of freedom
which is the
main pleasure of beings
a ‘beauty of nothingness.’
a holder of beauty
his conceit of
jerking hips
his hair, his curved neck
his swivel chair
as he forwards backwards
a sideway of certain ways
paints his pleasure
how evil… Evil!
the painting he inspires
is for everyone…
thinking he is virtuous righteous
to install ugliness,
one of the seven
deadly virtues of men
deceiving cheating stealing!
O Beauty O politics O power
how long how long
can peasants endure
your whips of beauty
like a buffalo tail
splashing muddy stenches
creating stains of death
the past the present
the future of the same DNA!
__ade c.
sydney australia
feeling disillusioned
with sags, wrinkles
i chopped my hair
close-up my photo
i felt like spring again
my skin isn’t
that BAD!!!! Lol!!!
__ade c.
sydney australia
my life like food being chewed
expecting to deliciously melt into
my mouth…
in my dream
raising above the dark clouds.
despite the ambivalence of
the numinous: the deafening
shouts of my world
my insightful ‘moi’
never leaves.
a sacred aura it seems
privileged moi
to unloose these failures
these misfortunes
I willed moi!
86 age,
given 16 bonus-years
now released from distastes
i have sensibly rejected!
my bike, old in its beauty
adorns with flowers…
rides moi, along beautiful nature
on my way home
to my father!!!
__ade c.
sydney australia

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