Prof. Anjana Verma (India)

Prof. Anjana Verma (India)
Anjana Verma, Prof and Head, Dept of Hindi, Nitishwar college, BRA Bihar University, Muzaffarpur, is a well- known poet, author, fictionist and lyricist.She has authored and published 20 books in different genres and 4 more books are slated to be published soon.Her poems, lyrics, short stories and articles have been published nationally as well as internationally in highly-acclaimed magazines, e-zines, dailies in print and online. Many of them have found place in world- famous archives.Her creative writings have been translated into English, Kannada, Malayalam, Nepali and Marathi languages.Many of her stories have been staged by Amuk Theatre , Lucknow.Her stories and poems have been converted into audios and videos.She has been honoured with many awards for her literary achievements.For five years she brought out and edited a literary magazine in Hindi titled CHAURAHA. Lives in Muzaffarpur, India.
मिट्टी की आवाज़
–अंजना वर्मा
वह धरती
जो ना तो प्राणी है
ना मनुष्य
ना ही कोई अन्य जीव
वह ज़मीन
जो हमारे पैरों के सारे प्रहार सहती है
वह मिट्टी
जो हमारी पूजा भी स्वीकार करती है
और हमारा फेंका हुआ कूड़ा – करकट भी
समान भाव से
वह निश्चल भूरी धूल
जो हमारे पैरों के नीचे
पड़ी रहती है
खोदी जाती है
रौंदी जाती है
उसी धूल में कितनी ताकत है
कि वह हजारों मील दूर बसे
प्रवासी को पुकारती है
बिना आवाज़ के
और एक लंबे फासले पर
बैठा हुआ मनुष्य
उसकी नि:शब्द पुकार सुनता है
और तड़प उठता है
उससे मिलने के लिए
उसे भर- आंख देखने के लिए
उसके साहचर्य के लिए
धरती ! तुम
बिना बांह के आलिंगन में बांधती हो
तुम बिना मुंह के बुलाती हो
तुम कभी नहीं भूलती उसे
जो तुम्हारी गोद में खेलता है
तुम अपनी मां वाली खुशबू
भर देती हो उसके शरीर और प्राण में
बार-बार और लगातार
निर्जीव समझी जाती हुई भी
सजीव से अधिक सजीव
और आत्मीय से अधिक आत्मीय बनकर
प्यार देती हो
इस तरह
कि तुमको छोड़ कर गया हुआ प्राणी
आजीवन तुम्हारे लिए
तड़पता रह जाता है
मां का चुंबकीय आकर्षण
उसे सदैव खींचता रहता है
Call of the Soil
The earth
that’s neither a living being
nor a human
nor some other creature
The blue planet
that tolerates the
tramplings feet
The soil
that accepts our
prayers and worshios
and our dirt and garbage, too
with the same spirit
The pure innocent dust
that lies under our feet
is prodded and walked over
The same dust
has immense power
it calls an emigrant
settled a thousand miles away
without a voice!
And the man
living in a faraway land
listens to her silent call
again and again
and yearns to meet her
longs for her companionship
Terra firma! You
embrace without arms
you call without a mouth
you never forget them
who play in your lap
you fill their body and soul
with your motherly scent
Considered to be
an inanimate object
all the time
you are more than
an animate being–
A kindred soul
giving love
So much
that the person
who left you
continues to pine for you
The magnetic attraction of a mother
Keeps on pulling him forever!

Tranalated by Dr. Ranjana Sharan Sinha Poet, author, professor and critic Nagpur ( India)

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