Poems by Dost Muhammad Rajper

A thump on face of the world,,
Makes the world dump,
Makes this Earth dummy and numb,
Like the imbecility upon mind,,,,
Keep on smiling again,
Keep on working together,
Carry on love with love,
Carry on love with the world…
Like the sea and the moon,
Distant apart but fully involved,..
Completely complete in inner beauty,,
No thump, no fear, no war,,
No tears but cheers of joy,
On the visage of humanity…
Red cheeks are fresh,
Blue cheeks are pretty,
Brown cheeks are beautiful,
Orange cheeks are charming….
All are blooming together,
What a change?
The world view gets strength,
The world treads on the right track,
The world returns to love and peace,,,,
At last history comes back,
And nature rules with normal rules,
Cuts get healed up with time,
Wounds get filled up with flesh,
But scars remain as sign to think,,,,,
Happily happy with you,
Feeling adamant and fearless,
In the embrace of peace,
Everything is everlasting joy,,,
Behold this ebb and flow on the shore,
Waves move backward and forward,
Seem embracing and passionate, sometimes, distant and dormant,
Like a carefree bird in the air,
Behold this ebb and flow of the wind,
Blow to touch and fall down,
Rise to stand and die in the air,
Sometimes nice, sometimes vice,,,,
Like a ram or a ewe in rioting mood,
Behold this ebb and flow of light,
Sometimes sunshine, sometimes shade,
Sometimes day, sometimes night,
Sometimes heat, sometimes cold,
Like the two sides of the same coin,
Behold this ebb and flow of the flood,
Water rushes outward and runs inward,
Appears to swallow the land and vanishes,
Like a mad camel in the desert…
Behold this ebb and flow of feelings,
Near to soul, distant apart,
Up and down, high and low,
Like the the whimsical mood of my belov.
The joy is not a toy to be broken on the way,
And dumped aside,
But the joy is a ray of light that kills gloom
And makes us happy always,
The joy makes me healthy in life
And freshens my soul,
The joy is the blessing of God
And His endowment in dreariness,
The joy is not a grain of sand to slip away,
But a rock in human heart
That never breaks, never fades away..
In anyway, at any time,
The joy never makes hustling or haze,
The joy is just craze of loving one,
In millions of men and women,
The heart chooses the joy for good,
The joy swerves on human head,
And makes the mind fertile,
The joy rides on the wings of beauty
And goes beyond the borders,
The joy never puts thorns in life,
But makes the life merry forever,
The joy sweeps the thorny road
And makes it clean for treading boy,
The joy is always high in its highness,
Like the elegant bride on bed,
Whimsical, moody but mesmerizing….
Swirling, moving and clinging to the soul,
The joy is everything for me,
Within the world of loving souls,
Within the field of working body,
The joy ends the sadness of my day,
Fear has hindered human life,
All are in cells of small or tall edifice,
All are confined in castle of dreary dread,
All are dying in isolating world,
In the domain of repulsive danger,
Kids are without books and bags,
Schools are the empty deserts on the earth,
And light looks embarrassing all over the world,
In the arena of dreadful psyche of mind,
The mask creeps on every face,
The shaking seems illegal custom of the time,
And distancing looks defensive track of life,
In the field of fearful scene of the world,
Invincible and invisible foe moves in the street,
Gloves, kits, sanitizers need to grow on life,…..
And hugs are abhorrent but aromatic mood,
And kisses are killing people but caring tool,
And cuddling turns into distancing….
The love seems bleeding in heart,
But the love boards on the boat of hope,
And singing never to swing apart:
Talking to you tomorrow after this night!

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