Rajashree Mohapatra (India)

Rajashree Mohapatra (India)
Rajashree Mohapatra: Born in Odisha in India received her masters degree in History , Journalism and Mass Communication from Utkal University, Odisha and Environmental Education and industrial waste management from Sambalpur University, Odisha.
She is a teacher by profession and poetry ,painting and journalism are her passions .
Valleys hear •••
Hills whisper •••
Words echo on rebound from stalled granite air
The melodious wind sings to earth .
‘ We two must never part ‘
You said once
And we moved down to each other’s heart .
O dear !
Our ancient love is now a precious pearl
Shining with sweet emotions
Nothing in the world is single
Even Moonbeams kiss the sea and mingle .
Come over the blue hills !
Let the winds blow over the land , lovesick
Let our passions turn to joy
Let the tears kiss each other’s eye .
O dear ! come again.
My dear !
Whole earth is enfolded in love .
When unnumbered suns blaze
Night draws a veil over her face .
A spark in a drop of dew
Vapours with love overlay it’s hue.
In radiant light of her heart
Countless stars light their lamp.
With her penetrating glance
Whirls of passions create an art .
A ray vibrates glorifying midnight .
Frozen vapour’s bonfire with solar wind .
She descends from Venus
under a veil of fog
In her blue veins liquid flames run.
Frozen seas cast fiery spears
From planet red a chariot rolls
In universal silence ,an awesome wonder .
Through dense air love descends
Bewildered spirits seems to play
All shine in refracted rays
A flame strike the firmament.
See the wide open spaces
Meadows , field and plains
You will find me here
When I am far away .
Feel my smiles with
these midnight waves
When the silver light kissing them .
Feel me among
your silent thoughts
When you are alone beside this lake .
Remember me ,
When I am no more
You will no more hold me
No more touch me , nor can I turn
When I am gone far away
into a silent land for ever …
©️Rajashree Mohapatra
Bhubaneswar, India.

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