Was it Easy ? / Poem by Lily Swarn

Poem by Lily Swarn
Was it Easy ?
Was it easy for you to write this
With the artistic twirl of your poetry?
“Mere Humnafas ( my friend )Forgive me , forget me ,
I won’t be able to hear your voice “
I saw the formlessness of your words
Creeping up like mist on a mountain path
Huffing and puffing on the steep slopes of love
You must have woken up with a start that night
As the wine rudely snatched its intoxication from your veins
Leaving you breathless and perspiring
It was me pretending that you had called
Like little girls play “ house-house”on a particularly rainy day
As I murmured your name repeatedly
As one would count the beads of a rosary
(C) Lily Swarn 2.10.2020

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