Poems by Zainatul Shuhaida Abdull Rahman (Malaysia)

Poems by Zainatul Shuhaida Abdull Rahman (Malaysia)
today is not long
he will go back to sleep
because the day is tired of seeing people to and fro chasing all day
they forget healthy crying and healthy can be friends with pain
and rest also want to enjoy the fragrant breeze hugging a warm body
poor afternoon
because humans are chasing money
people forget tomorrow is still noon
but the day is over..sick ..
Today my eyes are looking for coffee
to be kissed with an orphan
to feed to the lips of the beggar
Today my tongue buys bread
and I share with the love of the homeless
and hug bread so as not to run away forever in the sleep of a hungry orphan
but my small coin is not big
find the stone and break it in half
I hope between coffee and bread can make them laugh even for a moment
When this running time stops
All dreams are also tightly closed
The sky will open
And we start picking up dreams
And read the memories in the chest of the sky
We forget a lot
People who love us
That always sends a message
Let us be vigilant
Because we walk every day
With expensive shoes
And the price of the shoe can be shared with
Ten beggars to buy luck one day
For a full week and sleep in a dream
We forget that running time can stop
We always forget

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