Poems by Margaret Kowalewska

Poems by Margaret Kowalewska
I found a jewel
I found a jewel on the ground
It was your heart, unloved
I wrapped it with my soul so tight
guarding it for a lifetime.
My tears are my life
My sigh is my emotion
My scars are my past
My heart is your love
Magnificent poet!
Oh how I adore you
and your poetry
which you exclusively create..
You do not have to resort
to words of others,
as many poets do..
You just write what your heart
is dictating you
flowing feelings of true.
This is a gift from God
that cannot be measured
in silver and gold.
I admire and treasure
dazzling jewels born
from your thoughts,
with my entire soul..
Conversations with sub-conscience
I see you depressed
walking in the plush rain,
with your face bruised
by the wind,
feeling lonely and hopeless
day by day
Tears like this rain falling in
the sidewalk paddles,
crumbling the world
with your shadows
I see your being
encircled by light
Hello, this is me talking to you,
your sub-conscience, your guide
You are not alone. Do not fear at all!
The entire world dwells in you..
You are the energy of every soul
manifesting your sublime role
You are not alone
You are consciousness
of oceans glazing shores
with a caress
of moonlight pearls
enveloped with rainbow threads
You are sunsets aglow
dancing romance on the breasts
of blazing lights revealing secrets
in each layer of your heart
You are drops of gushing rain
striking blushing womb of the earth
pulsating with your awareness
synchronistically knowing so well
that you are everything that can be
Just observe how the essence of life
is birthing you in the breath of the universe
Long before you were born.
your soul was guided by the light
created in the image of sacredness
honoring you for eternal time
© Margaret Kowalewska

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