Poems by Rahim Karim

Poems by Rahim Karim
When I was sick
I was apart from Life.
Although I was head over heels in love with Life.
Despite this, Life tried to get away from me.
Absolutely …
I asked by God, I begged Life on my knees,
so that she stays with me.
Finally, Life decided to stay with me.
Today we live happily with Life.
I’m alive today too
And I breathe again.
I see this bright sun again
And beloved Life !!!
What a joy to be healthy
Love this Life.
To speak with the rays of the sun,
Every second.
Your pulse beats like a source
And the beat of a tambourine of the heart.
The orchestra is playing in you
Round the clock.
How I missed you
My darling!
Oh how I love you
Oh, how I cherish you.
I’m alive today too
And I breathe again.
I see this bright sun again
And beloved Life !!!
My happiness is Life
How invaluable you are, my beloved.
Having lost you for a while
I realized that I love You very, very much.
My beloved, the only one, incomparable.
My Scheherazade, my Aphrodite !!!
My Lily, my Shirin !!!
I can’t live a day without you!
Day is night without you.
Without you, light is darkness.
I adore You and adore You.
You are my sweet, affectionate Life.
I love your hair, cheeks, and eyes.
How beautiful you are with me
My beloved woman is LIFE!
Apparently God decided to leave me
in this white light.
Leave this native Sky, native Earth,
native Sun, native Moon, native Stars,
beloved homeland, beloved family, beloved children,
dear Friends, beloved Life, dear Humanity, dear World.
Native trees, dear rays, beautiful flowers.
There was a time when he thought a little:
“Isn’t it time to get him to Yourself?”
But he seems to have changed his mind.
Such thoughts sometimes visited me:
“Isn’t it time to go into the world …?
I went through all the trials of life
sent down to me by Fate ?!
Served Humanity, the World with faith and truth ?! “
And there was a time when I began to prepare mentally for this.
Mentally said goodbye to the Light, to the native Rays,
with the native Sun, with a blue Sky, with bright Stars.
With native Trees, with native Birds,
with the beloved Humanity, with the adored World.
However, the plans of the Most Highs suddenly changed
about me.
And He decided to leave me in this world again,
extending my days for a while.
For what? Maybe Humanity, the World still needs me ?!
Although it is already useless to tell this crazy World about anything else …
Moreover, in poetry …
So I decided to be silent …
Silence until his very last days …
Silently continue your protest to all that
what is happening in the world today.
And I will be silent …
Let this be my New Silent Poetry in this World.
No wonder they say: “Silence is golden!”
Maybe the World will come to its senses by itself …
Copyright @ Rahim Karim (Karimov)

2 thoughts on “Poems by Rahim Karim

  1. Your poetry is purely inspirational. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on overcoming illness to find love and happiness. Remarkable work.

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