Poems by Marija Najthefer Popov

Poems by Marija Najthefer Popov
My name is Untouchable,
I throw the stars barefoot,
Along the Milky Way,
My faithful Husky is with me,
We rooted the same genes,
We do not recognize borders,
Our space is large,
Like as much as the sun shines,
And cover the Moon cunningly,
We bathe in crystal clear waters,
Dry by rolling on medicinal herbs,
And we breathe in the heat,
To the first generous springs,
We tie the horses to the tail,
And we fly to the horizons
Where someone plays forever,
And dances chirpingly,
In front of houses made of colorful carpets,
Countless roses in swaying skirts,
And nomadic fires.
Sleep On Me
Scatter petals on me,
Like a cherry blossom wedding dress,
Let my body smell like behare,
Warm, ripe.
Wash my hands like raincoats,
Shepherd’s waterproof umbrellas,
While touring the song above,
Treading weak grass.
Sprinkle on me milk with unrest,
Those hot fires are dangerous,
Touch them,
Let the heat slowly subside.
Imaprt kisses on me,
Like white rose petals,
Let them think of me,
Like a gift of engagement.
Spill the night on me,
And everything that night expects from us,
Let everything be covered with whiteness,
With a magic, with the truth.
The Soul of Woman
Infallible is the soul of Woman
Feels the betrayal,
When it opens in the end,
Extremely honest, neither does it hope
Nor does ask for anything,
Except respect, the warmest feelings
Which strip her.
Betrayal is a bait whoever swallows,
He never has a chance again,
There is no way, no possibility to heal,
A rain of tears washes away the traces,
A soul is caught in a storm,
It breaks everything,
Gentle dove dies in her chest,
Everything remains meaningless,
With falsehood which is felt,
In the infallible soul of Woman.
I can’t win, the woman in you,
Which is complete and concrete.
Yes; I try, I want to and I will,
I explain:
Be a little stupid, a little dumb
A little whining,
Naïve, gullible,
We pray overwhelmed with
Come on, let me alone,
(She says, me)
I don’t want to be, the one I didn’t
And I did, she fought, she explained,
She warned, she waited and she was patient
She listened, and she hoped.
That I will be able to swallow,
To forgive, let me tell you,
To convince me, you reassure,
Come on, that some other maybe.
Yeah, no,
In addition to his work, I can’t
To get out of my mind,
Help me back, myself,
This bitch and this cock in me,
It destroys my tissue,
I’m becoming someone which is nobody,
And I’m nobody,
From my existence I was someone,
Someone is always, someone who has love
For the whole world,
And it is shared by everyone,
Not to let the heat die out, among people
Help me, help is in your hands,
Give me back myself.

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