The grateful stare / Poem by Sihem Sherf

Poem by Sihem Sherf
The grateful stare
I never care
wether my attire is ragged
Or my feet are bare
I am taken into a haze
My tutor, I venerate with a stare
A tutor, and what a tutor!
Teaching a sole pupil he could dare
fighting illiteracy
spreading knowledge everywhere
Never question what made my room vacant
where are my classmates, where is their flare
what hampered their school attendance
Don’t they fathom the fun of a school year?
Don’t they reckon the mercy of my school?
saving us from the street and its glare?
Alas, they never could walk to school
Too poor to pay the fare
I nonetheless attend my lesson
even if my feet are bare
Maybe one day I would be a judge
And adjust what has always been unfair
@ sihem cherfi 20 11 2020
inspired by a picture posted by my friend
Ahmed rim

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