Prof. Shanita Vichare (India)

Prof. Shanita Vichare (India)
Prof. Shanita Vichare is a well known academician, International bi-lingual poet, reviewer and author from Pune has been honoured by Gujarat ‘Sahitya Academi and Motivatioal Strips- World’s most active forum in the world has conferred this title on her. This was a great surprise for poet, Shanita Vichare as she received this news, on 15th August Year 2020- as India Celebrates 74th Independence Day “ for showcasing literary excellence at par with global standards”. Shines with multi-faceted talents she has appeared in four International Radio –Mexico episodes and in an USA based “Poet’s Lounge” program curated by Alan Johnson, program for poets.
Shanita Vichare has been a ‘Role Model’ for other literary writers in the MS forum compliments Mr.Shiju H. Pallithazheth the founder member. She where the best of the poets are chosen to perform. She has been writing in many international journals and has maintained a high bench mark.
Aneeta pursues an eclectic style in her penmanship and is Swell appreciated as a poet in International arena. She has published her poems internationally and in India. On 15th Aug 2020, she has received “Gujarat Sahitya Academy Award-India” in collaboration with Motivational Strips . She explores the women of India in her narrative form and her social status, in her themes. Nature remains one of her major motif in poems and writings. Her Poems have appeared in Egypt, Albania & Greece in Europe’s highly esteemed journal, “”.
Aneeta Chitale is her Pen name for Shanita Vichare
A bell a shape
Curved earthen pot
A seed planted; of a
Wanton love
In lovers ecstasy!
Passionate seduction
Growing in a young mother of nineteen
Dreamy transce, hazel nut moments and some candle light dinners
Full of sensuous kisses and wild love
In her juberious mood
Turned from lover’s soody mood
…..obfuscation obliterating ……
In the conscious stance !
Soon run sleuth of mundande desires;
So wrongly planted
As months prevail to sweeten the nectarine juices
Of a promiscuous union
To seed the primrose seed to bloom!
Innocuous >, now withering
But time has no masks to hide
Innocuous gile!/ stance……>
The kicking and the quivering inside the mother’s tummy
A life so divine grows!
Feeling the mother’s pure bliss,
A bond so pure, tangled and karmic grows
Unborn but true, which would soon be seen
Before the umbilical chord is cut!
Plentive magnamous moments glow
Of mother’s bliss!
Of an unwed mother oblivious to her cracked, fragmented , traumatic existence!
Irony, of life!
The dreams are more rusted now…..
With the change of seasons
Imprints the change in destiny!
A raindrop on the leaf;
Breathes heavily on the earthen pot now
A mere teardrop!
But the innedoues of him are no dear
Vain, he prides his manly ness
A debious person, more juvenile, illicit and promiscuous
To have seared in the true womb of a lass
Fake in facade, of a caring relationship
Trying, to lay the weil in tomb!
Now fated …….
But for woman’s agile spirits
Her pragmatic approach
From the tiny acron to bloom…..
She rises to wage her wars, of wanton desires
for self perseverance, young n fragile
but not distraught – disshevilled
She strikes with her ‘Trident’
At the demons lurking around-
Who run – open, abetting in suicide of the vulnerable ones
She chants the hyms
And plays the ‘ dumroo’ she beckons –
Her prowess………full of mastery n vengeance
To kill the demons within and outside!
In her feral mood, she strikes
Her tongue in of fire … and .rage!
Now she emerges as ‘Katayaani ‘Godess
She is the ’Kallli’
Of The Maha Kaal!
Unfurling the six yards
Of my silken saree
Brocaded in strong silken
Bold bright colours
Slithering slightly over
My snug
Sexy curves
Of my womanly charm
Riveting looks
Pried, on to those
Voluptuous curves
Contouring my sleazy bosom
Like lampposts
Or rosy buds
Enchanting golden rays gaze on
My blackless choli
Dressed in my Princess’s robes
Reclessesly, held
Driving men to bizarre dreams
Roused to erotica
Pinning my hot haunting images
Of Three-D, of an enchantress
As if to trying to hold my
Luscious fruits of desire
In their wanton hands groping, caressing
Of carnal pleasure’s
With endearing words of passion
Stocking to hot pursuit like
Hot dessert, on parched lips
Carving paths, patterns on
A Diva
Sometimes touching deep ravines and
Sometimes melting in deep gorges
Of a women’s body
Trying to rouse, ignite flames
Of my khol lined eyes, smouldering gaze
To sensuous blazon
‘Shringar’ drawing in the sounds
Of Nav Rasas! Of
Love and Lust
Only after
The six yard saree has
Glued to and embellished on my form
A gossamer!
On my diaphanous form…
As a Kaminee
Draped Chaste
A pure pious woman
From mythology
‘Me a Panchalli’
Pulled and devoured
In demonic hell!
Me still pure and full of pride
Contoured in love n chaste
And me still finding my Krishna!
God in his wisdom was fascinated by her, he made her according to his vision and devotion God immersed his divine magical brushes and coloured her in fantastical hues, she emerged in ten avatars!
Sun God wanted to bring her down, to turn the cosmic time, her womb to fill the earth with love and care, so she was made in the image of a mother- soft and benevolent….
She emerged as Goddess Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge to read the secret scriptures. She emerged from the ocean, as Goddess Laxmi! In the image of wealth and bountiful She was threatened by the demons and ghosts, So She emerged as Durga!
To Kill the demonic powers who had lived since ions, she faught like a ‘Chamundi’ The Goddess who devoured the devils & inhuman forms to illuminate the truth!
She still rises from the ‘Jatas’ of lord Shiva who stays in heavenly abode of Himalayas!
Copyright of © AneetaChitale (India)
All Rights Reserved.

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