Dr. Salma Naimi (Algeria)

Dr. Salma Naimi (Algeria)
* Writer and thinker Salma Naimi
*Jurist and certified lawyer
*Jurist and certified lawyer
*Academic researcher in international management
*I studied Arabic literature, majoring in criticism
*She  studied languages at the International Institute in Algiers
*Traditional and modern costume designer
*She obtained many prizes inside and outside the Arab world in writing and drawing
*Best Costume Designer in the Emirates award.
*Best Literary Work Award.
Her literature:
-Novel deaf permises has three parts in arabic
-Divan our meeting trance
-Six novels to be published
-Book on customs smuggling law
-disgrace of Thought book
Poems by Dr. Salma Naimi 
Touch me!
Touch me like you do,
I’ will try so hard to forget you I leave my life …
we had behind ,
I feel the day has come stop love you,
I forget things that we used to do,
but …
But I’m afraid there’s always something and makes me see,
your’s more than just a memory in the past,
life doesn’t ask why,
and never explain don’t you know my heart doesn’t think twice!!
cause when you’re in my arm’s
I understand don’t have a voice for ….
tell you :
i lived great time with you…
Gonna whispers day…
Gonna whispers day!
can never the careless whispers Entering
At the good time to the heart…
I gnorance is kind the mind…
no comfort in the truth …
I’m never gonna dance again…
I want you to need me,
I want to be the the mind you see when you close your heart…
I touch your herat evrey singer night,
I want to be your fantasy..
but you never your reality me…
I want to be your deepest kiss…
How I love you?!
I love you when we are together,
Doing things that we love. ..
I feel like I’m in heaven every time you’re near. …
I need every day,
I need to hold you tight!
I don’t want to let go, life. ..
No ,no ..
I just wanna die in my life. .
Here tonight
When I’m feeling gloom,
For everything that’s mine,around me die.
The Power without virginity
The power without virginity!
do you know it?
Do you my people…
Cold power like wasted time,
Through time and time no promises.
Hey my country!
when are together doing things that we love?
Call it love and devotion,
A special bond of creation,
For all the single heart,
I works the night by the cold water!
I gonna stress!
I just wants a life for my self….

One thought on “Dr. Salma Naimi (Algeria)

  1. Touch me -My memory
    Tuesday,24th November 2020

    Touch me not often
    but daily even
    as we used to do it in past
    and last in our earthly heaven

    why did it happen?
    in a matter of time remained broken
    why did it take place?
    and made me sore with repentance

    I can’t forget
    and let
    you go off the memory
    you were so dear, really

    even today,
    I stay
    with my glorious past
    that has yet not lasted

    I can’t say stop
    and cheat as a flop
    but you are always in me
    with hands open to invite and see

    Dr Jadia Hasmukh
    Courtesy: My dear Poetess-Salma Naimi

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