TO MY TORTURER WITH LOVE … / Poem by George Onsy

Poem by George Onsy
O you, who I’ve given
All my life to,
Are you still my ‘YOU’?!
Whenever you hit me,
Just know one thing,
I wish you had done it
With a whip of fire
But not … not with
My bleeding heart
That only your love
And care would desire.
O you, who once
Was my only ‘YOU’,
Just keep in mind
That a day will come
When this very heart
Will bleed tears
At your bed of illness
When your fist
of oppression is nothing
But a supplicant hand.
Yes, this very heart
Will have no more fears
At your gloomy tomb
When your arm of violence
Covered with rust
Will find nothing to hold
But a cold hug-full
Of lifeless dust.
From the International Anthology “AGAINST DOMESTIC VIOLENCE”  compiled by Dr Shamenaz Sheikh, India.
With a combination of my painting, WOMEN IN AGONY (1984) and detail, in the background, from my painting depicting the human being suffering change (1979).

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