Welcome December / Poem by Sunita Paul

Poem by Sunita Paul
Welcome December
Welcome December
A month to remember
All that is gone
A hint of the new dawn
December, A month to let go
To start with a new flow
Beginning of an end
Or maybe the twisted new year’s bend
December, arrival of the chilled winters
Awaiting the Christmas Star
Picnics, fairs and get togethers for no reason
The merry making festive season.
December, the dark nights, silent and lonely
Tucked up in blankets with the feeling so heavenly
The time of the year when books and coffee are a must
It’s also time to gear up for the next by deleting the past.
December’s frosted emotions dries the eyes
The iced hearts grew cold with all the lies
Time to make up or break through all that hurts
Time to renew and let all pains depart.
December, the month of burning desire
The chilly winds adds to the fire
When lovers hold each other tight in their arms
The passionate lovemaking makes everything so warm.
December, the last time of the year
The season to let go all guilts and fear
The time to bring far ones close n near
The month to wish good luck to the ones so dear.
December, the month of cold and winter, of being at home and sip warm drinks, of bonfire and sweaters has arrived. Welcome

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