Poems by James Tian

Poems by James Tian
Something In My Way
I believe that all the words can be appeared in the silence,
With most lovely feeling.
Sometimes we can never describe it,
Especially mixed with the tears and shyness in laughing.
Maybe the night,
That just do our so called goblins.
Whether we’re in the distance or not,
As being with each other on a more closer way like showing.
Starry nights,
Don’t ask for the moon,
Each one will have the hard moment anyhow,
Whatever through the melodious chimes that you can’t in imagining.
Something in my way,
Like now we’re just keeping or thinking.
Friendly pursuit in most of the space,
May only be the same,
That the side of our life,
Made us surprised always each time faced the very turnings.
maybe you need some songs to change your moods,
Just like this .
And sometimes you may want some pops
to let you as a bird flying in the sky,
Just like this .
But sometimes
maybe you love the stories best,
That they can make you feel nervous and delight.
And what I thought
you really need is me.
With the sunshine and almost the all stars’ light.

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