José Pablo Juárez (Mexico)

José Pablo Juárez (Mexico)
José Pablo Juárez (Josep Juárez) Mexican poet, his poems have been published in more than 40 anthologies around the world, in 2018 he received the naji naaman award (Lebanon) for his work “from your lips I will resurrect” and in 2020
Doctor honoris causa by the international forum for creativity and humanity of the kingdom of Morocco
After a kiss
I will tear the words from your skin
With a kiss
And I will write a poem in your soul
I will take with my fingertips
Every letter of your body
You will get rid of them
Making them fly with your scent
They will fly like birds over your head
You will fly naked
The mystical path
where do you live
After a kiss
Here i wait for you
Go enjoy the spring
Flowers of a thousand colors have come out
You can go and cut
The ones you want
Enjoy its aroma
Of its beauty, of its colors
Cut a bouquet
Take it to your room
And perfume it with its aroma
Let your bed smell like roses
Let the carpet smell of lilies
Let the walls be creepers
Run for your field
Until your feet faint
Until your being fails
Look at the blue sky
No clouds, no rain
How is spring
But when you see the leaves dry
And slowly fall from the trees
Run run to me
Run, I’ll wait for you here
There will be no flowers to cut
And the sky will fill with rain
Run to me, I’m waiting for you
In this shelter that I built
Where have I planted a rose
On my chest
That will bloom forever
For you
The pain
Pain is a river
That runs through us inside
A spring that sprouts next to the heart
Drop by drop it forms
And it runs through the veins,
There are dates that black clouds form
Clouding the eyes, flood the head
The river bears rising
Veins overflow
Already runs all over the body
Destroying everything
Almost the whole body is water
Almost everything is current
But an island survives
With a little house
With the lights on
And a little entrance
The river keeps rising
And threatens to take her away
While still inside
An embracing couple.
Pain is a river
That does not stop with nothing

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