Poems by Dost Muhammad Rajper

Poems by Dost Muhammad Rajper
I know you are broken reed,
But you sing so sweet,
Your sweetness never decreases,
You grow rich with your views,
Like the plants from the dry soil,
You grow old with love,
You move me with sweet feelings,
All good, all graceful,
All nice, all charming….
Don’t think more in pain,
Your pain will never stay again,,
You have got the right moon on your forehead,
You have uplifted the starry night,
Swell up your song,
Rapture at the peak point,
Capture the glance of love,
And fill the globe with fragrance,
When things are scattered,
Pick them up,
Make them high,
Keep them quite well,
Like the flowers in vase,
Feel so elegant like the peacock,
Stay eloquent in joy with me,
Perform so happily right,
Forever and forever,
You have got your last love,
The silence bulges up without reason,
The voice dives in the depth of waters
As the stone falls to touch the bottom,
And the typhoon ends in the waves,
The silence treads on the stones
In search of truth and happiness,
The silence touches the skies
And it goes beyond the moon,,,
The reticent wind blows so cool,
Like the incense in the air,
Like the sunshine in the day,
Like the deep gliding river….
The silence sleeps in the vacant room,
Nothing except nothingness,
Nobody knows the newness of new thing,
None is here for realizing the real world,
The words of silence in this world
Make the world precious forever,
The calmness kills the boisterousness
And it fills the heart with joy….
The palm trees do dance before the brave,
The slave heals up the wounds in love,
The ass does pelt stones to the strong,
And the reticence wins all the times,
The silence gives me confidence,
Love, and everything in the world,
I like to be reticent in aggression,
The aggression gets lost at last,
The curve of blinking eyes takes rest,
When the flowery rain falls down,….
When the lashing roses float on water,
Love takes place so profound…
Where are you?
I miss your kiss
Without that bliss,
Hard to tread more,
Hard to walk on the wind,
Hard to talk with else,
I seek your scent,
I hold your cheek,
I take your glance,
I take you on wings,
You bring the clouds,
You fetch the rain,
You make the main,,,
You live so far,
I search you a lot,
You live in stars,
I search you on land,
Dost Muhammad Rajper
Copyright Reserved:
@ 30 11-2020


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