Poems by Kamrul Islam

Poems by Kamrul Islam
Drench In Lord’s Lights
Love mirrors the whole existence, the kinetic
universe blooms in the vast regions of souls,
it brings the grace of trembling evening
the wounded sleepy twilights and its weeps
to the recesses of feelings and undying sadness.
Cuddle the flowers of sky, send your
fragrant shade so lonely and untouched ,
embrace my breaths like the thriving
creepers in a secret garden,
extinguish the filthy fires from the erotic
dreams of untamed eyes and bloom your
blush with seamless throbs.
In this Christmas, when the darkness
engulfs the swinging feathers of earth,
embolden yourself and take the nectar
oozing from my humble and divine kisses,
drench in Lord’s lights , the astral glow,
come in my stormy heart that has forgotten
to dream of flying seagulls of timeless shore.
Dance In Silent Horror
If I stand beside the noble mistakes you made,
Wouldn’t you drive away the nights
you are cuddling on your lap?
Touch the sorrows of wind by palliating
the fearful dreams of your heart,
How much darkness do you need to take
a different bath?
A tough-rough-venomous shaft revolves
round the hidden treasures of conflicts,
The clouds unknowingly enter your eyes
looming larger with salty rains.
May I probe into your tears sliding down
to my soul with deep emotion and cosmic glitch?
Flare up at the edge of an aged bow,
As you are far apart, sew the sorrows
into a wild music to dance in silent horror,
Bring the embalmed sonorous wings
for a furious flight to reach the redeemed earth…
I Don’t Miss You At All
No, I don’t miss you at all..
I rather miss the moaning of the dying rivers
in the chilling winds at mid night.
You have forgotten the color of faith,
the rhyme of benign fiddles that pluck
sorrows from the moon’s artifice.
The music of a dead valley makes me weep
for nothing,
the caravan that forgets the pathway
to the oasis is my soulmate, I know at last.
I miss the darkness that has kept faith
in its flowery breast.
I don’t miss you at all,
the alleys of emotion deepen the density
of my tears, the soaring buzzard wore
the blazon of victory, I see silently the magic of abyss.
I don’t really miss you now,
cause, I have lost the feelings in the crust of ice,
our sweetest faiths are broken into pieces
and scattered on the barren meadows
where we met once.
No, I don’t miss you at all,
the immaculate twilights smile at my heart ache,
I am engrossed in reverie,
and cruelly crucified beside the illusory golden bird,
The Holy Grail lost in the blood of pains…
Copyright@Kamrul Islam

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