Poems by Lily Swarn

Poems by Lily Swarn
With the first
powdery dusting
Of fine pristine snow
The Yuletide spirit seeped
Into the neglected crevices
Of my snoozing soul
Benedictions and blessings
Softly falling
Like elusive mercy
On traumatized villains
Touching roofs and sycamores
With the same gentle caress
Wood , slate , shingle
Competing with the evergreen
Determination of conifers
It’s snowing outside
But Christ the Saviour warms
The hearth of my freezing heart
Hark! Do you hear the
Sounds of Santa’s sleigh ?
Do you see Rudolf all
Red nosed and shiny?
Hang out your stockings
O ye little ones .
My Pen Scoffed At Me
I tried to write about roses and lilies
And the cool breeze of summer mornings
The inebriating Naseem E Seher
Alas!All in vain
For my eyes saw the pyres of the dead blazing ire
Ire on an unfeeling world
Where those who provide food to the world
Perish on the freezing streets
Broken hearted and struck with woe
My pen scoffed at me
For writing my pathetic poems
Of glitz and gloss
Of fragrant bowers
Of loves that last
And moonlight showers
When toilers and tillers
Twist and turn
In makeshift shelters
Braving the December chill
With smirks and critical barbs
From those who never cared
Whether the farmer’s feet were shod
Or if he was committing suicide
Due to the back breaking debts
For seeds , pesticides and daughter’s weddings
The erratic monsoon never mattered
To those in plush ,air conditioned offices
It was only gnarled,brown hands
That shielded rheumy eyes
To search for the elusive rain bearing clouds
Don’t be amazed at their numbers today
Or grudge them their foot massagers
They are our “Ann Daataas “
Worthy of our reverence
Forgive us our niggardly neglect
And our blinded Ray Banned eyes
Let me write today of your love
For those tiny bits of land
Snatched by land grabbers
Or lavish estates of housing colonisers
Let me tell the world of your sons
Who sit on snow capped pickets
To keep your country safe
Let me celebrate your
Baisakhi , Teej and Jod Melas
Amidst filmy mustard fields
Let me talk about gurus and sages
Guru Nanak Dev,Farid,Waris Shah
Sultan Bahu
The wealth of love that flowed
In its five mighty rivers
Don’t give up on its people
Their hardy,brawny physiques
Their Bhangra and their Giddha
Clap for their blood
That made Independence possible
Don’t leave them in the lurch
When they need their livelihood
Forgive me my pen
As I sing of this and that !
Copyright @Lily Swarn

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