Poems by Ana Toma

Poems by Ana Toma
I have forgiven…
I have forgiven by mistake the unforgivable people.
They were no people, they were just
Unforgettable people.
I’ve acted on impulse when I’ve forgiven.
I’ve been disappointed and I laughed.
I hugged, I screamed and I jumped for joy…
I took eternal oaths in the name of Marriage,
And I was never loved correctly.
I lived on fear of loosing someone I cared,
And I ended up loosing it.
I cried looking at old photo albums.
I relived on beautiful childhood memories.
I danced listening to sad music.
I’ve lost completely trust and respect
on the man I was married to;
Not just for being cheated on,
but for disrespecting me and our children.
I ended up hating even his shadow.
Without saying goodbye, one day he left.
I thought America was the loneliness place
to live in,
And alone I’m living a much better life.
I lived with passion. I’ve sent flowers
to unknown people in cemeteries.
I prayed to a God I never met.
I’ve lost friendships and I was disappointed.
I fell in love for a “ Hi”, and I made love to the
most Sweetest Man on Earth.
I only called to hear his voicemail.
I’ve kissed with passion for 48- hours,
and I wished I’ve kissed him more.
I got drunk from lovemaking,
and absolutely felt loved.
Christmas Temptation
It was September when the moon saw them kissing,
And the heat of their hearts lightened up their bodies.
Every second was overflowed with love…
The desire to stay and love him forever,
Was written in the depth of her autumn,
crystal brown eyes;
Seeing the same man seducing her dreams,
As they hugged, till next time…
It’s Christmas, and the moon saw them smiling
Hundred of miles away.
Missing his body’s perfume, she smelled and
softly spoke to lilies,
in her comfortable, light gray,
and tiny living room.
©️Ana Toma
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

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