Poems by Sihem Cherif

Poems by Sihem Cherif
The real foe
One more fruitful step
Towards the right direction
one more smile and nice tap
on the shoulder of humanity,
Lost in animosity and dejection
You and me, all the toddlers in the world
we bear the same load,
we preach the same God
We are one, God is One
we love all and hate none.
I may share your feast,
Christmas time is a time of concern
I shall respect your priest
You may visit my mosque time and again
Still robed in white
no hatred, no fight
The gleam of innocence in our eyes
forbearing the peace of coming days.
No more religious strife
No more oppression
A big NO to segregation
Hold an olive branch
cast the bloody knife
Toward the light of education.
we are brothers not enemies
we have but one common foe.
The virus and its injuries
Reaping lives in one go.
let our smiles heal the world
call for light in every head
No choice but tolerance
No rifle but a positive word.
For nice words are real coats
when winter settles in gloomy hearts
Time to confess
like a roaming bird
looking for a lost nation
Dejection in her eyes lies
Time of wrath and depression
like a white lamb,
never knows where it resides
To the fate of the blade had to succumb
With its speedy days
Like a rainbow bar
sneered by a devours cloud
like a heart filled with glum
looking for an easing void
Never knows the bliss of something
Till it wears off
learn to taste Autumn
With its mean sun and a generous whiff
like a laced dog abandoned by
A treacherous family
like a toddler waiting for his lullaby
from his mother, sunk in melancholy
sometimes, the moon needs permission
to invade darkness
I need your feverish pat
To settle the wreck and the mess.

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