Poems by S.L.Peeran


S. L Peeran

 Poems by S. L. Peeran





He feels sad, with people

Surrounding, craving for favors

Relating tales of woes, of pathos

And grief. He is adulated as being

A savior, a Saint, a Redeemer.

He is aware of the weaknesses of a being.

The fear of wrath of the Divine drives him

To be in the midst of his creatures,

Who look up to miracles

From purified souls. He radiates

The effulgence of the sun, the

Brilliance of the Moon, the calmness

And depth of the ocean, the fragrance

Of a Rose. The ecstasy of

Communion with the Divine,

Has released him from human

Bondage & sufferings of the soul.

From the depth of his heart, he

Calls out, “Allah Malik”,

Have mercy on your beings







The sorrows of the blind world afflict me,

Drowning me in an ocean of deep pathos.

Blood of humans’ flows like a stream of water;

Cries of pain and anguish rend the still air,

Like dust of storm, sins of man rise upwards.

The wondrous blue sky is darkened with grief,

The holiness and aura of man is damned,

Stars no longer twinkle to charm one’s eye.

The Sun and Moon lie eclipsed to mourn the loss

Of God’s creation, destroyed by selfish man.







Oh! If only I could dream of Thee

And see Thy beauty and effulgence,

Thy charm, Thy benign look, Thy smile,

To relieve me of my pain and anguish,

My despondency and perplexity,

That has left my life so shattered!

O sweet one; O Thou deliverer

From all miseries and calamities!

O Thou most compassionate one,

O haven of peace and tranquility!

Bless me, enlighten my dark soul,

Redeem me from all vicissitudes,

Guide me to a life of bliss,

Of solace and contentment.

I have heard, O Eternal Lord,

Thou showiest Thy choicest blessings

Upon all Thy chosen ones

Let me, then, be one of them.




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