Hajk by Lumo Kolleshi ( Albania)


lumo kolleshi

Hajk by Lumo Kolleshi ( Albania)





The tars weep

Bring me a glass

To gather these tears.



Someone whispered:

“The bee died”

I ran but I never found its grave.



Old clock

The hands strive to eat each other

Time remains in the eyes of the blind.



Modern hairdresser’s shop

Old heads not far in the distance

Push each other in the line for wigs.



Split ripen pomegranates

In the traffic lights of the boughs

Cold rains melt away upon them.



One night I slept with the snake

I felt terribly cold

In the morning I had become Laocoön.




House of a spider

The fly comes to deliver official well wishes

A house or a grave?



Loaded with stars

The date’s bough broke

The stones of the alley get wounded.



No permissions for building in the offices of spring

The swallows

Inaugurate the illegal houses.



The bloody night

Butterflies come to die in the light

In my studio.



A beggar in the street

Called me a “Gentleman”

While in my pockets I had nothing but my soul.



At the rock spring bed

The thirst put its lips

The beautiful girls broke the ewers.



Peace often hangs the bloody shirt

At an olive bough

How many young seedlings do not grow to become old.



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