Poems by Shefqete Goslaci ( Kosova)


shefqete Goslaci

Poems by Shefqete Goslaci ( Kosova)



Nest on the wave


I drank a breakfast s gulp and today,

But the day that does not want to come to me,

A day before yesterday they shot it to me,

ky rresht ishte gabim….

A day before Yesterday they shot it with sharpshooter,

Just in vain, some idiots…

The, who turn the sky into a battle’s horse…

I spoke to a swan to come close to me,

But she flew in the sky without address,

Because they forced her out of paradise yesterday

And they poured melted gunpowder to her mouth…

And now I understand that I have entered into a world

That will never be mine,

When the absurd is fed with tears

And the happy moments cajole in the abyss

Wonder what should my love do with you

I have raised my nest on the waves,

This time murders all my loves

Even though it cost me a mountain of sacrifices

I will never raise my hands for life.




Meditation of the dream


I spin memories

In the looms of the night…

The pathways…a fairy tale

And a battle with swords.

Dreams come and leave

When did you remain…

Far and close we are

On a white horse

Beyond the dream.




Open gates


Every time the darkness freezes in the corner

Surrounded by voices,

I call your image loudly,

And I sleep with you, my dear

Near you I feel so much perfect,

Like a moon in the shining sky,

I forget every single grief in this world

I break through every prison and every enclosure

Unforgotten is the day,

Wrapped up in your embrace,

In my eyes you brought the stars,

Leaving me for life in the dream

I feel cold in the night,

As I absorb this night,

As I absorb this meaningless air,

I had better died under your breath

Than without you my dear.




Magic night


That night we prayed to God

That magic might cover us

The warmth put the ices of the years in sunlight

To the depths of the heart

The intoxication ceased

The magic covered the castle with flowers,

In my ego

The portraits were carved,

In love and longing.




Boiling of depths


The spring used to come lifeless

I remained without the years

In search of something absent

In my tender rosy lips

A desperate flash in my rainbow

An inexhaustible waterfall of love

Running from verdure to verdure

The emigration with a toast drank your youth

That remained in the streets of Europe

I went grey before the yellowed photo

Of my dream for YOU

You walked with your steps to the world for a whole century

Only the moment without you a century had become

I lived with the fear of the knife in my back

Forgetfulness smiled to me loudly

When the memory uncovered the ember

The dreams guarded the portrait

And heart the key


Of the boiling depths.




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