Poems by Natasha Xhelili ( Albania)


natasha Xhelili

Poems by Natasha Xhelili ( Albania)



Winter Scene 


The last scene of winter

I cradle in the swing of the heart

Trees dismantled from want

shiver under petals of snow.

The rebellious rain of dreams

knocks with intensity

on my window,

his rhythm is a slap

to my solitude.


The wings of migration melt

in the imminent horizon.

Clouds, fog, darkness

frozen in this setting.

I am very cold

amidst this white emptiness.

The wings of the angel of love

do not cover me.


I weep like a child over burned letters.

From their ashes words reawaken

timid words, left without nests…

In the respiration of storms

you run like a vagabond through my memories,

playing the same tune,

waiting for the fondling charity…

The last scene of winter

I sculpt on walls of pain.

On fountain-heads the steam of movement is felt

Rivers gush like hyenas

tearing everything with cruel nails…


The languorous sun

pants like the brightness of the firefly…

you open the door of memories

to the landscape weaved

in fabric, recalling me from the scene.

You extort the bitterness of yesterday…

There, in the painting simulated with sorrow,

is a white stain,

an empty space

that needs to be filled with expectancy…



My way


To the meandering veins

Charged with steps pains

And spitting the word ‘heck’

Because you made lost bed

My confidence sky.


Every step on your holding on opinion

The answer comes with crackling

The echoes of steps, then stands as a reminder.


As an icon of the carry

Dusty road to the peace of time

Knows my song poetry and verses inspired by

The monologue of Shakespeare “To be or not to be”

I walked

To rejoice in my presence

Shadow rises to wound the sun, the rain sight

Concerns that come to take refuge in me…



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