Poems by Entela Kasi ( Albania )



Poems by Entela Kasi ( Albania )



Talking to the flower


As you can’t keep this forgotten ray

This word bounded by flame


And the cloud of an empty sky

Falls wherever raining

And the unspoken sound of silence

Plays inside the stone

Happily that sadness, madness of verses…

So I silently go off as the raven feather

And there I am falling now and then

And I just spring in a glance inside

Insider as I am, and not I.


Whispers caring that huge cliff

Of the most difficult dearest compassion



To find you in the eye’s cloud

The dust of the darken mist

The highest mountain fallen

On the bird’s wing

Over the frozen snow

On the lake as the down rises

The star of forgotten liturgies

The flame

Icon on the loneliness wall

Birds are falling every where

Now and then


“We the next island”

Coming with the wind

The whiteness empty page

Where the raven stays and writes his “never more”

The rings of the ivy window

The willow tremendous tear

The hoary dreaming of the sinless garden

The lost sound of veins

Whiteness lilies

Brown leafs of falling trees…

The deepest coral shines

That massive water, scared of every little drop

The lack of destiny as an empty glass

Poured by tears and prays

In the Sunday dinner

Or the lost land

When you see the next island existing

As memories

We, the deserted island…


I talk to my flower

The unsaid words of rain

The winter gets the bulbs still unborn

Spring less

The wet curly shells

Hidden in the limits of nonexistence

That watering mouth

Waves and waves innocently bone and flesh

The grown pain, ancient illness

Of gloomy steps

If I don’t step there is a mirror in my wonderland

A lost inch of heaven

Into yours fallen eyes on every inch of the skin

And getting burned of the icy sculpture

I freeze outside the day

And stay

On the same soil

And plant another flower of sadness

As the wind could come

And makes it

A poem

Or a salvation


So I said everything

Naked in front of your lilies

When you say and accept

Love and death the same

The beginning of every world and all hidden worlds

But, I don’t know

If the writing does not exist

Will I be ever more a woman?!

Fearless and happily a woman

So I wrote every word

Every sound of silence

By the solid drop of water

And if there is no sea or ocean

Could I stay paralyzed in any shape?!

Could I not be sad, not mad?

The most difficult tag

Song and flame

So I send you every form of cloud

Every color of that rainbow

Every weigh of sand, soil and stone

Every plant,

And all the solitude

Of words


Not I!!!

A poem




The October rose


Light paralyzed in gloom

Be clear and beautiful

Like the love you bear on my side

Like the motive that sings the song with a glaze

And, land on you…

From the sadness windows

The tear it’s not enough to kiss the shriven lip

Those lips which whisper the pray

My light hanging on

To the limits and boundaries of the world

Rise up!

Have a drop of lively water with me

In this world that circles days and nights

To this anguish anger

The life has just beginning

It is like the day we started together the way which we got both

Like this house which is being build

As the child who is being born…

As the Love

Light of mine, become clear!!!

And have a drop of water

The liquor of the lips

Dazzling in the heavenly thoughts

Fearless love…


You are my October Rose

You are that flower which I have never had in my birthday…


When the gloom takes a sleep

Because the life is now darken

On this sadness


And the doll, the golden hair of the grandma tale

Is being lost

In the dreaming baby songs


She would sing to the worried sleeping

Under the ruins of the falling house

Like the Moon she used to shine the pale light


When the love takes a sleep…

With a single sounding glaze

Wither on longing paths it is now burning

The October rose

The wave of the lake,

And, the doll’s hair


So, I don’t want any procession

And not any crown of flowers


The spring does not arrive

In any burned steppe

In any damned desert

In any lake of eyes like that

Taken away by a black river

Of our lake

And there does not sleep any dreaming fish

Any spring full bulb

Any glaze blaze

Any sweet grandmother

Any innocent child

Any naive line…


And the time is unable to keep

That sadness falling on the ground


And the soil can’t grow

This plant

The seed is now spread by the wind

But it could not touch any soil

Any lovely bolster

With invitations of beautiful fests

For that you my light and my October rose

Have a drop of water with me

The new born life sleeping on love seeds….





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