Poems by Opal Ingram


Poems by Opal Ingram



Before Rainbows


I linger breathless I see
the rain falling calm,
before butterflies
distance I closing
my eyes opening them
before rainbows enticing
the star shining so brightly
the star’s are quiet the oceans are calm all I
hear is raindrops I linger
In passions as the clouds
gather and the rain fall
embracing in my heart
I linger breathless before
rainbows in the melody
warmth passion my soul
quiet, my soul is comfort
before rainbows calm
before the butterflies
my passion is like a
soft petals in a warm cup
fill with oil drenched with
Iove before rainbows my
soul is quiet enticing I
linger in passions warmth
calm before rainbows.


© Opal Ingram

@Opal Expressions



The Journey


Beaten Souls

I’m From The Hands
Of Grace

My Soul
Was Lie

Perhaps My Soul Was

I’m From Innocence

I am From The Hands Of Grace

Perhaps because of rape
Existence Was Made.

My Soul Is Tired,

Because Perhaps My Soul
Was Abuse

My Feet Can Stomp

I Am A Over Comer!

My Voice
Can Shout!

I Am From The Hands Of Grace

I Am Strong
I Am Woman

Perhaps My Soul
Is Innocence

My Crown
Is My Temple

My Body
The Healer
Of My
Beaten Soul

I’m From The Hands Of Grace~“

My Body Belongs To God`
The Healer Of My


Opal Ingram

aka/ Poetress Mystic
@Opal Expressions




Far Away


I see the clouds
Where Victory


Sea And Land


Over Yonder


Where Grace

Is Present

I see the Rain


Far Away

I hear the drums beat with
A fine tune from near and

Far Away

I see` the rain
I see the moon

Pass through

With the Shadow

Of the Dawn

Between the Bay

I stand tall far Away


Where Victory

Stands All



Far Away



Written By – Opal Ingram (c)


@Opal Expressions
aka- Poetress Mystic




The Joy Of God


The joy of God
Starts at dawn

He opens his curtain call the start of
The Day


The Night before he plants the presence of his
Joy, he covers the universe with all his mighty

He starts with his hands of Grace
He prays over his children mankind

The Joy of God he provides abundantly
he starts with his joy` with a smile lighten
up by the sun he sits in Glory.

The Joy to powerful but not to observe his
joy always place with favor, he sits in joy
In every season.

He always starts with a seed where it rises to
destiny way created from a billion years before

He sits in Glory

The Joy of God always starts with the love
of God embrace in the Souls he created he
knows the makes of every hand and feet walk
he’s there from our first to our last he sits in

The Joy of God.




0pal Ingram
@Opal Expressions




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