Khalil Gibran says: MY HIGHEST HONOUR ….MY MAGIC MOMENT / By Dr. Jernail. S Aanand





Khalil Gibran says:



“If we were to do away with the various religions, we would find ourselves United, enjoying one great faith and religion..bounding in brotherhood”

My book Bliss..was compared to Khalil Gibran’s The Prophet.

At last I have in my hands BLISS in Persian under the title IN SEARCH OF LOST PEACE.
Translated to near perfection by Prof Nargues Mohammadi.Univ of Mashad Iran…

For a teacher, the best honour is what he receives from his students. Nargues was my student of spirituality…and I am really moved to read her letter to me. “Indeed that’s the power of your words and thought. I truly appreciate you…for everything..for your trust in my profession, for the truth you reminded me of.”

I am and I shall always be proud of you dear Nargues. Nar Ciss for fb. I wish you a happy life and a grand career of your choice.




Dr. Jernail. S Aanand



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