Poems by Mr. Malik Saleh Mousawi / Translated by Fathia Asfour


Poems by Mr. Malik Saleh Mousawi



Attendance Prayer


For the sea of your two eyes

yearn my longings

And on the shore of your two lips

cry my kisses

Do let the seagulls of your appearance

soar above my head

so that I can ignore my pains

Torture me not for long

The dreariness of loneliness scares me

Be a candle therewith I rout the darkness of my lostness , my Mermaid!

Get me out of the mouth of parting

Without a hug..I sit alone

Due to the intensity of nothingness

screams my hugging

Thinking of you has exhausted me

since your love nestled in me

I took refuge with the Lord of Love

from the evil of the satan of your oblivion

And I did the attendance prayer

In the chamber of your memories

I will keep loving you

Do not be afraid !

For Iam a Jacobean in waiting

I will be waiting you for ever

till my soul leaves my body

Your being far away has been the address of my end

With the pens of those who attended

on the day of my agonic death

I wrote

” Alas ! It had been my wish to die on your chest to have your heart a grave for me”



Written by: Mr. Malik Saleh Mousawi, Iraqi poet

Translated by: Fathia Asfour, Palestinian translator


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