Poems by Saraswati Poswal


Poems by Saraswati Poswal





Hold the destiny..
Make it with your efforts..
Virtues not to be given..
To others..
Power lies in you…
Hold the distilled volumes..

A small combo..
Of mob…
Cant take you sky..
Neither can take
You to any hive..

Poring from core..
Make the people rely..

Devastating your…
Can only be divine…
Non can bash you..
Let them be in ..
Delima that they
Can mash you..

Ignore the glimpse
And glib..
Do not let junctures
baffle and bail you..

The averse they gave you..
They themselves…
Get back..
What they loved to hate and..
Get all in reverse..

Do not make yourself
Just make yourself
A cresecent ..

Those who love and those who curse..
Will give you more junctures..
To make you burst..


Saraswati Poswal





Excursion through books..
I feel like hook..
Whole my life in books..

Smoothly life just glid..
Experiences and lessons..
Which glore people write..
Syncrhonizing all the facts..

In short stories…
Or the long sects..
Global makes the sense..
Depends on readers taste buds..

Spending time in goof..
Will make your mind glitch..

Books makes you authentic and brook..
Flowers too come and salute..
Brings you out of all Dilemma..
Of fears and acts..
Make your conscience..
Its a real ailment to the soul..

Flowers too say they feel femished
And beatific they feel..


Saraswati Poswal





Confession in eyes make you..
Feel very light..
Confession in eyes..
Make you more bright..
Confession is sometimes..
Ignitious simetimes wet our eyes..

Drench your junctures..
Deepliy in the misty rain of tears..
Desired to decieve the same..

Krishna made Radha in frame of heart..
She has the true..
Confession in her eyes..
No pain she felt..
No gain she wait..

Confession is slave of …
Real junctures…
Require no blame…

Confession melts the..
Anger, envy than get release..
From the thrust of profit and gain.


Saraswati Poswal



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