Practice of literature can prevent students from wrongdoing:PM / Luz María López


Practice of literature can prevent students from wrongdoing:PM

Aquí escuchando atentamentre a la Primera Ministra de Bangladesh Honorable Sheikh Hasina, durante la apertura oficial de la Feria Internacional del Libro en Dhaka, EKUSHEY BOOK FAIR, ¡celebración que dura solo un mes!

“Professor Dong You Chen, a Chinese researcher and translator on Rabindranath Tagore’s works, Austrian Menfred Kebo, Luz Maria Lopez from Puerto Rico, German writer Tobaias Burghardt and Indian essayist Chinmoy Guha joined the inaugural function as guests of honour.”

I had the opportunity to give a speech to the public attending the Inauguration of the Book Fair. Here I share today:

We are truly honored to be part of this great celebration where bridges of brotherhood and cultures converge as one world, a world that seeks peace and fosters education as a tool for a better humanity. Surrounded by books and enlightenment, as we are now at this wonderful EKUSHEY BOOK FAIR, it comes to my mind that 496 million women and girls can’t read. Literacy is a fundamental right for women and as such an empowerment foundation for society, for the children of a literate mother are more likely to complete their education.

In many societies girls risk great harm or even death for seeking literacy. Malala, Noble Peace Prize Winner, is a testimony of such contradiction. On the other hand, a highly-educated woman can rule a Nation. Honorable Sheikh Hasina is a vivid example of how an educated woman can be a leader, legislate for the betterment of society, while promoting women’s empowerment and girl’s education to achieve a prosperous economy and equal opportunities between genres. That is wisdom.

The World Poetic Front Defending Women’s Rights, which I represent, partakes in advocacy projects for literacy. In each Country, a Woman, contributing to global actions. We dream to summon these initiatives in Bangladesh, convene a tsunami of voices for a better world, following into the example of the Prime Minister.

It is poetic then to say that Women will preserve the nature of men. Men will avoid that we die without poetry. Poetry will be tomorrow’s nature and that tomorrow will be constructed by us the poets, for the Humanity.



Luz María López

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