Poems by Swansh


Poems by Swansh


My Poetry’s Soul

I address this poem to you
Not temporarily but forever
May I find you here ‘Amen’
Your presence and your fragrance
Will change me forever with this poem
Even when you ponder to enter here
I will have encrusted you
For this once without you
This poem has no breath
For you and your benign aura
Fill the spurious voids in enchantment
Won’t you make it joyful and happy
For the beginning was tardy
Yet your just presence decorates
And embalms this to relieve
There is just place enough
For your kind of beauty
Cause the night sky will smile
The stars will twinkle bright
They shower the sky with illumination
Let go of the hesitation the apprehension
For only love will dwell in this mansion
Open your eyes and shed your yawns
For you will beautify and bring life
To this stuttering poem
Beautify forever and for eternity
O shining mirrors! Oceans of bliss!
in your silence I find thee
And it does not matter what others think.
This poem is heartily dedicated to you.


Journey of a Feather

A smile comes to my lips
As I ponder over this jigsaw
There is pain albeit in separation
When a feather disconnects
From its parent body in life
Yet as it separates; is it still alive?
As we separated from our source
Did we not become alive through birth?
Then the inner child smiles
And whispers once more
See me within, am I separated?
Am I not whole as one, with the creator?
Then in this new light I see,
At the feather and its beauty,
At its panoramic journey
Through the three essentials
Earth, Water and Air
As long as it was attached
There was an identity attached
No sooner did it detach it became free
From the realms of apprehensions
From the clutches of choices
From the limits of boundaries
Went into the zones of sub consciousness
Where nothing mattered
No life no death no love no hate
No self No Others Nothing at all
Now it just enjoys the state of BE
The BE of Wholeness with One.


This Earthly Ripple

In the fraction of a second
Lies the moment of being
Or rather
All that belongs to this body
In this fraction of a second
What shall it do
What ripple shall it cause
For what and why and how
Too many questions for a lifetime
In this fraction of a second
A blessing to be received
Or be mired in self
The choice is to be made
Between the obvious and being obdurate
From the betwixt it Ran and Ran and Ran
Always creating a fresh shadow
To which nothing lingers
Space in front
Belonging to the fracsecond of Now
Is it not this space, the abode of goodness
For it is ready to accommodate this body
All of it
Is it alone in this space
Is it not a part of the universe itself in this space
Then it dawns on me yes
“I am” is nothing
This thought creates the ripple
A ripple in which somewhere
Between the layers is hidden
The treasure of the being
In a serene state of impending purpose
To be encompassed as a blessing
Looking above with gratitude
Feeling the warmth and love
Of the surroundings and nature
Like a kid who just learned
How to crawl
I Walk and I Walk and I Walk
To BE in the Fracsecond……


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