Poems by Balika Sengupta


Poems by Balika Sengupta



Oh! It’s light of a new morning,
Oh! It’s life of new morning,
Oh! It’s light of spiritual morning.
Here is the butter of spiritual knowledge,
I Got, after a long churning.
This is my new journey,
A spiritual being in human journey,
With address of Almighty.
Everyday I am reaching,
Towards my destination,
Ultimate destination,
Yes,My father is waiting for me there,
Yes Supreme Father is waiting for me there,
With ocean of love and care,
I am creating my own story,
With Almighty,s Knowledge,Grace and Glory,
I know , A Day will come,
You will come and take me with you,
From this physical material world,
O Father,
You know, A magic is happening inside me,
A Great magic,
I am experiencing You, with me,
All the time,
Every inhaling and exhaling,
I am with you,
You are with me,
O Father, I am with You,
You are with me,
How sweet,this,heavenly company,
Father, wow, A heavenly company.
I am enjoying,
More than enjoying,
More and more than enjoying,
Infinite enjoying,
Supra sensuous joying,
This supra sensuous joying,
Your divine light is with me,
Your divine might is with me,
I am with you, O Father,
You are with me,
I know, You are “Ever-joying” with me too.
Be with me,Always,
Father, Be with me Always.


Balika Sengupta 15 -10 -2008



Oh, My God !
It’s me,
A revolution Inside,
A thunder Inside,
A wonder Inside,
O father,
A surrender Inside me for you,
A hunger Inside,
Hunger for Knowledge,
Hunger for searches,
Searches, re-searches,
Creation, re-creation,
A halt-station,
Again A wonderful junction,
Rejuvenation again,
Then and again.
A dissolution,
And assimilation,
Creating a solution Inside
What a vibration,Inside,
It’s me,
It’s me.
It’s me
Congratulating myself, It’s me.


Balika Sengupta 15 -10 -2005



I want to fly,
Beyond the sky,
The sky of the limits,
The sky of every un-limits
Unlimits of limits,
Limits of the unlimits,
Sky of Joys.
Sky of all sorrows.
Sky of narrows.
Sky of those bounded,
Sky of unbounded,
Sky of the thoughts crowded,
Sky of the silence,
Sky of mountains,
Sky of trench,
Sky of waves,
Sky of caves,
Sky of selflessness
Sky of Heavens.
Sky of Earth,
AND Sky of sky’s
Sky of all losings
Sky beyond conquers
O supreme Father,
Sky of your blessings shower,
Want to recover
From all past,
Past is passed,
In Your love,
I am lost,
Which is beyond any cost.
Sky of all medications,
Sky of meditations,
Sky of thought’s elevation,
Sky of rejuvenation,
Sky of the purest of pure love,
Sky of the hatred,
Over the
Sky of rejection,
Sky of acceptance.
Sky of the co-operation,
Sky of shuttle discrimination
Sky of awakening,
Sky of empowerment,
Sky of soul-power,
Sky of rain,
Sky of the pain,
Sky of the painlessness,
Sky of happiness,
Sky of helping others.
Over the,
Sky of helplessness,
Yes,I want to fly,
I do want to fly,
I want to fly,
over the oceans,
over the mountains
over the countries
Crossing, those boundaries,
Crossing the salvations,
Crossing liberations,
Crossing inhumanities,
With soul’s healing touch,
Hand shaking with humanity
I want to fly,
Yes, I want to fly,
I don’t want to lie.
That i want to fly,
Yes,I want to fly.


Balika Sengupta 15 -10 -2009

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