Drops of ether / Poem by Soumitra Talukder

Poem by Soumitra Talukder
Drops of ether
This spring there were few secrets to hide,
Spread vividly in the runes of the orchard.
The thrive of the floret blossomed like never before,
They knew nether limits of opulence.
The aroma was enough to sooth the senses,
and to create a stupor in fallen prudence.
The honey seekers were as restless as they could be,
They cared less for the probity in perceive.
I was lost in the charm of your delight,
The smile of the sunlight on your visage,
while it caressed your glow of grace.
What it is to be in your warmth, my wishes in plead,
But being in enchant, for its very essence, I knew
There lay no confines in whispers of love!
Till the time you flew away from the cage of my heart,
To find your destiny in far horizon in extent,
I could only write a few lyrics in finesse…..!!
© Soumitra Talukder 5th Mar 2017
Soumitra Talukder

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