Poem by Teresinka Pereira – President IWA

Poem by Teresinka Pereira
President IWA
I am a woman and I deserve
a special day to celebrate
my life, for my readiness
to care for nature, animals
and human beings,
for my ability to forgive
the mistakes and to be firm
in the disillusionment…
Even if it is not always possible
to fundamentalize hope,
it is useful to proclaim it
in thoughts and deeds,
because that is the greatness
of woman.
Día Internacional de la Mujer
Soy mujer y merezco
un día especial,
por mi presteza en cuidar
a la naturaleza,
a los animales y seres humanos;
por perdonar los engaños
y estar firme cuando haya
Aunque siempre no sea posible
fundamentar la esperanza,
es útil pregonarla
en pensamiento,
porque esto es
¡la grandeza de la mujer!

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