Poems by SWANSH

Poems by SWANSH


Our Illusionary Space

As I walk and walk and walk
I look around to identify this place
To gauge the expanse
Looking up i found to my surmise
A sky full of stardust
Heavenly suns and moons and stars
Looking down on this particle of dust
Called our earth, through my vicinity
i found the replica of the same
Looking around i found, encircled
With some objects albeit man made
Everything including me was in motion
Everything ever circling the other
Nothing stationary or running away
All in their predefined path and motion
At last i journey within to be surprised
To find the third replica of the same
Earth and sky, my heart and mind,
Mind being the moon circling, attracting heart,
Heart resembling the sun full of invisible light
Full of inaudible whispers amid the chaos of mind
Then i notice the soothing moonlight
Its origin and its transformation
Cool and calm and heavenly loving effect
When do all this occur, is it through chaos
Isn’t it the dusking hours that preamble
The calmness and coolness of entire universe
Ah the revelation of divinity encapsulated
Within each visible and palpable things
Where do the Capital “I” stand then?
In the scorching burning self-consuming fray.
The whisper finally becomes audible
In the dusking hours of the day……
Imbibing the serene humility around
I walk and walk and walk.


Anatomy of Expressions

Words words and more words
Feelings emotions and sentiments
Godliness, Humanity and inhumanity
Choices Chances and Changes
Acceptance, rejections and reflections
Love, hate, tragedy and comedy
Ah! The bewildered victim I am
The eye of the storm I am
In the ocean of 26 alphabets
I fetch thee I fetch thou I dig me
Seems it’s a never ending crusade
In time, with time against time
In hurry, in cautiousness in slips
I trample and regroup and restart
I prey and repent, I pray and let go
I see I feel I cry I laugh I am silent
At times tranquility becomes noise
At other times noise is tranquility
Oh God ! Please humble me
Please strengthen me as I take a breathe
To fight another wild war
With the army of 26 alphabets.


What is Time?

We relate our being with time
We relate our life with time
We relate our thoughts with time
We relate our joys with time
We relate our sorrows with time
Is time an illusion or reality
Why time I ponder and glance
At my ever smiling muse again
Yesterday also it was dazzling
Today too it remains dazzling
Its physical vibes sending signals
As if transposing itself between
Me and my rummaging thoughts
I ponder what it is that I do
When I close my eyes and type
Giving shape to some thoughts
As they occur and make sense
Do I relate my words too to time?
Aren’t my words a proof of being
In the moment of sparkling nows?
Before me this soul has traversed
Innumerable outfits called bodies
Did this soul ever relate itself
To the fleeting moments of time
And I begin to smile refreshingly
As it dawns on me to contemplate
Can I ever go back in time to heal?
Can I travel back in time and restart?
Can I look back to change a no to yes?
Or for that matter can I pummel myself
Can you go forth in time and build a house
Where all the family accommodates
Do I know when the sun, moon or earth
Exchange their glances and pleasantries
Show their vehemence of us lesser mortals
And our thoughtless scavenging of this bliss
Called nature and its life sustaining resources
What I can’t do now, is a disrespect
Of the moment and its miraculous bliss
For what I can do now is pursue a purpose
To fulfill per the child’s whispers within.


 Ensconced in Time

Search for the highest knowledge
Doesn’t come to one easily at alL
Like Budha we must relinquish
The pleasures the comforts
The world around and all
To return with the secrets
Embedded here in the nature
A solitude in nature is rewarding
Not only for self but for all
What he did was not for self at alI
It was for humanity and life
Fetching the answers to riddles and
Hitherto unanswerable questions
Be it the reasons and ways and means
To joys, sorrows, happiness, or sufferings
Or be it living a life of contentment
In our day to day mundane life
Can we afford to talk to the whispers?
One who dares to BE in the nature
Like the revered Soul Budha
Gets ensconced in the time and

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