How far / Poem by Opal Ingram

Poem by Opal Ingram


 How far


A experience of enlightment
of how far
we have become

a nation of people
In every shade.

of color.

Which Is
beauty within

A shade of hope
and Victory

Carried on our backs
from rail road philosophy.

Stories of Courage.

Some painted on stone.

Some told In a document.

Some hidden under ground
On a path of hills and mountains
From a far.

Of how far
We have become

From those who
pave the way.

In Yonder Way

Across the waters

Above the sea

Beyond the oceans.

And over Yonder

Victory way.

Taken from railroad philosophy.
And ships aboard.
Of an experience
Of enlightment.

Of how far.

Written by Author – Opal Ingram ( c)
aka- Poetress Mystic.

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