Poems by Aziza Dahdouh

Poems by Aziza Dahdouh
The balance
What is a human being?
A balance between
A tender heart
And …
Alive mind
I can imagine
That heart as a young child
Experiencing life…..
Jumping over the fences
Ignoring the danger beyond
That innocent heart…….
That spoiled child
Wants more sweeties
Turning a blind eye to the harm
Longing to play in danger zone
Forgetting the consequences
Fortunately, there is the mind ..
That wise guide…
The wise guru
Depriving that child
From some desires
To keep him
In safe zone
Vive le roi…~Mind~
And ….
Long life to the Young child~the heart
Feeling free
I know the meaning
of being free
The heart is flying
Like a bird
Iknow that
I was a prisoner
Chained inside
A golden cage
But now
You are not
The ruler anymore
Even the places don’t
Remember your name
You became dust
Blown by the wind
And spread in the
Forgotten land
You will be
An undesirable visitor
In my nightmares
Soft like the breeze
Surrender to the wind
Not a sign of weakness
To ride the wind
Ride first the breeze
Going there
Where it blows
Once I was a caterpillar
Today Iam the butterfly
My new wings
Are kissing the sunshine
All rights reserved
Aziza Dahdouh

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