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The biography of Roula Pollard

Roula Pollard, a Greek poet and writer, also using the pen name “Roula Melita” was born on the island of Santorini. She studied History and Archaeology at Athens University and obtained an M.A. in Classics at Leeds University. From 1975 to 1998 she lived in England and worked as a teacher of Modern Greek Language & Greek Culture at Wakefield College and Joseph Priestley Institute of Higher Education in Leeds. As Literary Promoter, she promoted English and Greek poets in English universities, colleges, Poetry festivals, primary and high schools, Writers and International Associations. She participated in prestigious English and Greek Poetry festivals. Her first short story was published at 13, while her first poetry collection was released when she was a University student.


  • Three collections of poetry published in Greek: “Presence”, “Points of Silence”, “The Birth of Beautiful Time”. Her 4th poetry collection “Continents of Love” will be published in the autumn 2015.
  • Participated in Poetry Festivals : Patras Poetry Festival 1986, Bradford European Poetry Festival 1989, Leeds International Poetry Festival 1990, Manchester International poetry festival 1990, Otley Literary Festival 1992, Women’s Wakefield City Festival 1994, Bretton Hall Poetry Festival, 1995, Dublin International Festival, 2001
  • Wrote numerous articles on contemporary Greek, English and American poets and artists (Sylvia Plath, Henry Moore, Nekeforos Vrettakos, Machi Mouzaki, Dimitris Layios e.a. ) published in Greek and English literary magazines.
  • Translated an anthology of Plath’s and Ted Hughes’ poems into Greek, and presented a series of broadcasts about Sylvia Plath’s Poetry on Athens National Radio ERT, 1987.
  • Organized Poetry readings for well known English poets in West Yorkshire, 1988 – 1997 (Carol-Anne Duffy, Hugo Williams, Sylvia Kantaris, Michael Horovits, Simon Armitage, Ian MacMillan, e.a ). She has promoted more than 100 poets, writers, musicians and painters.
  • Organized painting workshops for children with special needs – painter Kathy Lancaster, Wakefield City Library, 1991.
  • Co-operated with painters ( Kathy Lancaster, Angela Bower, John Harrison, David Wright, e.a. ) for the production of posters and sets for Greek International festivals in Leeds, Wakefield, Manchester, 1991.
  • Broadcasted about Greek music and Civilization – BBC Radio Leeds and Greek Radio, Manchester.
  • Included into “INTERNATIONAL WHO IS WHO IN POETRY AND POETS” Encyclopedia, Cambridge Publications, England (1990-1996).
  • Her poems are published in Greek and International Poetry Anthologies, 1985 – 2015.
  • Member of Literary association ANADRASIS organized readings for Greek and American poets/writers in Athens, 2013 to present.
  • Greek representative of the English NGO “Greece Needs Love”, she raises awareness internationally on the return of the Parthenon sculptures from the British to the Acropolis Museum, 2013 to present.
  • Project in Greece, 2016: In co-operation with Danish philosopher Carsten Friberg and a W. European university.
  • Project 2016: in co-operation with the Professor of Astrophysics Xenophon Moussas, Athens University, on “ The mechanism of Antikythera “.

ღ ☼¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ + ∞ α



by the poet and literary promoter, Roula Pollard

Dear friends, students of all grades, dear teachers, professors, educators and members


Young poets of the Philippines, and poets around the world,

I am sending you a message from my heart!

As I woke up early this morning, before the sun rose over the beautiful land of Attica in Athens, Greece, I was thinking of you. I may not know you personally, but I know you in the depth of my heart. I know of you through our common friend, the poet and leader of our Pentasi B Family of Poets and Artists, Dr. Penpen Bugtong Takipsilim;

Ideas and ideals unite students, teachers, educators, and poets all over the world. I am always an eager student with a flame in my mind and heart. As a former teacher, I love students and teachers. I am a learning poet!

Our International Family of Poets and Artists is probably the most wonderful voice on earth at present. Our poetry voice of PENTASI B GROUP spreads inspiration, imagination, originality, and goodwill all over the world, planting the seeds of peace, protecting Nature, supporting and nurturing love and friendship, and uniting all races of all nations.

Our PENTASI B Family poetry, crystal clear, spreads all over the world, over the valleys of love, over the most arid areas of our world — over “this small world, our great big world“ (Odysseus Elytis, Greek poet and Nobel Prize winner, 1979), a vision! Thank you, PENTASI B International Family of Poets, for your strong vision:

To love and to heal ourselves and other people with our pure love of poetry! Our world needs love, human healing, unity, and a vision for peace — a strong, pure vision for international, inspirational unity, for brotherhood and sisterhood. As our poetry plants seeds and cultivates human understanding, we nurture the needs of our souls and spread our voice for world unity.

We unite the world with our poems through our vision for a better world, a world with enough food for each human being, for each child on our earth.

Warm greetings for happiness and success in your life!

ღ ☼¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ + ∞ α

NOTE: The above transvisualizion(poetographic designs & layout) by penpen, free of charge, exclusively for PENTASI B WORLD Friendship Poetry Exhibition. The source of the above biography was sent to PBWF by email and was edited accordingly for PB style of presentation;

Biographies are subject to continuous editing and updating. Feel free to make suggestions to improve our group site.



Greetings from your friends:

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